kitchen & Bathroom splashbacks

Our wide format latex printers can produce high definition images for splash backs.

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Image how beautiful your work areas could look with a custom splash back that has a pattern, or graphic that picks up on and enhances your overall design aesthetic. Our wide format latex printers can produce high definition images so you could have a photo, bright graphics or patterns or a solid colour to complement and accentuate your decor.

A splash back has the added benefit of being easy to clean. They can handle splashes of water, food and oil and won’t stain like painted walls do. They are easier to clean than tiles and you won’t have to worry about grout getting mouldy or marking. Whether you are going for minimal, contemporary or classical we can pull together a solution that suits your style and home.

Speak to the team about whether you have a design in mind or you want to see what in-house templates we have, then we can install them for you using specialty glass. For businesses, this is another practical solution promoting your products and services. Or you could have a series of them on the wall as art work.